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Let our professional workers guide you through our home care services in St. John's.

Trusted Home Care Services in St. John's

We believe that care begins at home, around smiling and happy faces. At Helping Hands Home Care Ltd, we aim to keep you surrounded by happiness for as long as possible. Being healthcare and support providers for over 20 years, we have gained valuable experience in offering high-quality home care services for seniors and people with disabilities in St. John's. We offer a wide range of personalized care solutions that include general housekeeping, cooking, medication reminders, running chores and errands, taking to hospital appointments, professional nursing services, and much more. Our team covers every detailed task on a daily basis. The services also include providing personal care at private hospitals.

Talk to our trained and qualified professionals for support and assistance, or glance through the frequently asked questions page to get more details about our home care services.

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Your Health Is Our Priority

Our insured and bonded home support and healthcare workers are supervised by registered nurses to ensure that your routine medical checkups are up-to-date. We provide a wide range of nursing services, including meal preparation, personal grooming, medication administration and pre/post-surgical care. Helping Hands Home Care Ltd's workers treat your loved ones with respect, dignity and compassion.

Get our supervised employees to offer you a free nursing assessment to ensure that your specific health requirements are met. We provide timely phone communication and home visits to guide you through your progress. You can travel or leave your loved ones with peace of mind knowing they will receive proper care and assistance.

Professional Affiliations

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Caring for Over 20 Years

Our team of professionals is an ideal support partner for your loved ones.

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Professional Senior Care

We nurse and assist your beloved seniors with all our hearts.

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Looking for a Break?

We care for your family just as you would while you are away.

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Have Restricted Movement?

Let us give you a helping hand and join you in your recovery journey.

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24 Hour Companions

Get the care your loved ones deserve and plan for their short and long-term needs.

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