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Respite Care

Short-term Respite Care Services in St. John’s

Are you worried that your loved ones will not receive the care and attention they deserve if you take a break from being the primary caregiver or fall ill yourself? If yes, Helping Hands Home Care Ltd has the ideal solution for you. We offer genuine respite care services for our clients in St. John's, ensuring to give the primary caregiver a well-needed break or rest they deserve. Our support workers are available for assistance for a few hours, days, weeks, or months depending on your specific requirements. Feel free to give us a call to get top-quality respite care from our trained and supervised staff. We look forward to treating your family like our own until you get back!

How Do We Help

While we understand that caregiving is a full-time job, it is equally important to realize that being emotionally and mentally invested for a long time can have tremendous stress on the caregiver involved. Our knowledgeable workers at Helping Hands Home Care Ltd are your go-to temporary caregivers. Some of the reasons to rely on us are:

We start by gathering all the necessary information about the client needing care.
We follow their routine, likes and dislikes to maintain a balance in their lifestyle.
We offer to ease your distress by providing end-to-end care so that you can return with more love and energy.
We provide expert advice and supportive help to ensure there are no hiccups before we arrive or after we leave.

Need a Break as a Primary Caregiver?

Let our trained professionals help care for your loved ones while you are away.

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